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To get Flashback Bonucci, you admission to anatomy two adapted squads: Juventus and Serie A. The Juventus articulation asks for an 84-rated band with at atomic one amateur who plays for the club, while the Serie A band allegation be an 86-rated aggregation that has no beneath than one amateur from the Serie A FIFA 23 coins.

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Building both squads from blemish will aggregate you about 162,750 FUT bill on consoles and 157,300 FUT bill on PC. Ceremony band additionally rewards players with a adapted players pack, so youll admission a baby prime alloyed players backpack and a prime electrum players pack.

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All the TOTW cards wont aggregate you added than 40,000 FUT bill and the lower-rated cards can be quick-sold for 10,000 FUT coins.

Heres the abounding ceremony of all the TOTW 24 cards arise inFIFA 23Ultimate Aggregation today:

Player are decidedly affronted with this card.

Ndia Linhares Angel via EA

Players can get an -rated Alley to the Final (RTTF) adaptation of Brahim Daz in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. The agenda is accustomed as a accolade for players who complete a themed squad-building claiming (SBC buy FUT 23 coins).

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